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is a Transdimensional Consultant that works with people looking for pathways to succeed, utilizing streams of knowledge found outside of conventional means.

Your Guide To

Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment

My name is TeresaB and I am an intuitive. 


My speciality is helping you find your life path, find clarity in situations and events that have happened or are happening right now, and to assist you in connecting with your Spirit Guides and most importantly, your own intuitive power. 

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Teresa can reconnect you with events that will enable you to see things in a new light and gain new understanding.


By connecting you to your own inner intuitive voice, Teresa will clarify your current life path and provide you with other choices you may not have otherwise known about, the benefits of which can transform your life.

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What I Specialize In

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Norse Runes and Oracle Cards

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Akashic Records

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Intuitive Coaching



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Animal Communications

Great Journeys Often Start With  A Simple Decision

Teresa is simply amazing!! I love her Rune Readings, they are always so perfect-even when life doesn't seem to feel that way.

- Elizabeth Moore

I have had the great opportunity to have readings with Teresa over the past 10 years, and I always look forward to them. The Runes are powerful communicators, and Teresa does a wonderful job in bridging their wisdom to her clients.

- Pearl Mendonca

Teresa is absolutely spot on! She told me things no one else knew and was able to provide some great guidance just at the right time.

- Loretta Green

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