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Meet Teresa B

Intuitive Life Coaching with TeresaB

Hello and thanks for checking out my bio!



My name is TeresaB and I am an intuitive.

My speciality is helping you find your life path, find clarity in situations and events that have happened or are happening right now, and to assist you in connecting with your own intuitive power and very importantly, your guides.

One thing I truly believe is that we are ALL intuitive since we all come from Spirit. But through social, cultural and religious conditioning and events from past lives, we have ‘boxed’ those abilities away, & we have forgotten them. The thing is, while you may have forgotten them, you certainly have not lost them! Advisors such as myself can help you re-open those boxes if you wish to. Other sessions I offer are Akashic Records readings, direct channelling, and intuitive coaching.

I am called a Runes Caster as the main tool I use are Norse/Celtic Runes, an ancient divination system. I also will use Oracle cards and often in conjunction with the Runes. The Runes and Cards can help you utilize your own intuition and are great visual tools to cement the information shown in the readings. So by using both your intuition and mine, it’s one powerful opportunity!

Feel free to record each session you have with Teresa so you can reflect on the information provided when it matters most.


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